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Security policy may begin with prevention – but it shouldn’t end there.

It wasn’t that long ago that if your business had a reputable firewall and VPN policy, the network was reasonably secure. Unfortunately, times have changed and in the ever-evolving threat landscape, attacks are growing in number and sophistication, and cyber criminals could cost you millions of dollars in lost theft and lost revenue. A comprehensive, coordinated approach is essential to protecting against today’s multi-vector cyber threats. It’s not a matter of if an attacker will get in but when and for how long, so it’s critical to protect your data, network and organization with a comprehensive security program!


Deflect attacks before they happen when you start with our firewalls, cloud-delivered DNS protection, web and email filtering, and anti-malware.


Network analytics with advanced AI alert you of suspicious activity to help stop attacks in their tracks—allowing you to prevent them from spreading.


If an attack does occur, we will get you back up and running. Our business continuity solutions make restoration efforts less painful and put you on the road to a swift recovery.

Security Stats

Organizations face security challenges daily. The statistics below, as published by Cisco Systems, illustrate what modern businesses are up against.

have been targeted
by malware

of breaches remain
undiscovered for months

say attacks evaded
existing security tools

Modern Solutions to Modern Threats.

As vulnerable as you may be to attacks, we can help mitigate your exposure.

Secure Edge + Branch

As networks become more interconnected, enterprise network security tools need to be more innovative. Secure Edge + Branch simplifies security management while providing visibility across distributed and hybrid networks.

Advanced Malware Protection

Get global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing and malware blocking with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). We help you continuously analyze file activity across your extended network so you can detect, contain and remove threats.

Cloud Security

In today’s expanding remote workforce, you can’t afford to compromise security. Total Communication’s comprehensive cloud-delivered enterprise network security design makes your systems work smarter and lets your IT teams breathe easier.

Network Visibility + Analytics

Being in the know means your entire IT network can be prepared for what’s next. Our AI solution monitors your network activity and helps identify an attack long before it becomes a largertot problem.

Next Generation Intrusion Prevention

Cyberattacks are quickly evolving. Is your network protected? Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention provides a deeper level of security and visibility to defend against threats and keep operations running smoothly.

Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s only a matter of time before your password is stolen and you become vulnerable to a breach. And the clock’s ticking. Two-Factor Authentication decreases your exposure and helps keep your data safe.

Next Gen Firewalls

What makes Cisco Next Generation Firewalls different? Their pedigree. Watch this video to see how Cisco was able to stop threats that others couldn’t.