How to Update the Time on your Systems

When Daylight Saving Time begins or ends, it is important to be sure the time on your system is correctly re-set. Even if you have a newer system that has never needed to be re-set, you may have to take specific actions to adjust for this change.

If you want to change the time yourself, click on your system in the chart below. If you would like one of our technicians to help you, submit the form on the right.

Technical assistance with changing the time on your system is FREE if your system is under warranty or covered under a maintenance contract. If your system is not covered, we will be happy to assist you at our usual hourly rate.

Telephone Systems

Voicemail Systems

Iwatsu Adix
Executone CX
Iwatsu ZTD
NEC SV8100
NEC UX5000 (Aspire)
Encore Plus
Mitel / NuPoint
Executone vx2
Executone vx3
Executone vxc

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