Today’s lawyers are faced with some of the most difficult challenges they’ve ever seen. The migration from printed to electronic records, although necessary, is time consuming and complex. The increase in information storage, along with real-time retrieval of documents and contracts consumes large amounts of bandwidth. Dare we mention security? Legal organizations are challenged to meet these demands while dealing with:

  • shrinking staffs and increased workload in an era of growing client expectations
  • the need to comply with confidentiality regulations for client data
  • survivability of critical systems in the face of natural disasters

What options do we offer?

Dealing with leading professional organizations over the past 15 years has given us an in-depth perspective on your needs and challenges. We understand how critical it is that your communication network functions reliably, seamlessly and securely. We understand it’s imperative to protect sensitive data. We understand that serving clients – is not simply a 9 to 5 job. We understand that you have to be mobile and dynamic. And we understand the continuing pressure to “do more with less.” As our legal customers look to technology to streamline operations and costs, we’re here to help with:

  • Cisco & Mitel Phone Systems
  • Hosted Communications with reasonable monthly fees
  • Carrier Services: Let us uncover significant annual savings
  • Data Backup with remote operations if a site goes down
  • IT Support: From consulting to acting as your IT Support Staff
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Mobile Worker Solutions offer anywhere, anytime connectivity
  • Wireless Networks… even in buildings with thick walls
  • Converged Voice/Data/Video Networks
  • Structured Cabling, Fiber and Dark Fiber Networks

Our extensive experience together with this comprehensive line of products and services has given us a global understanding of how public sector IT and Communications systems should work together. Whether you’re looking for an upgraded phone system, IT support for a server migration, or a dark fiber network, turn to Total Communications. As a qualified, local contractor who has worked with approximately 60 percent of Connecticut municipalities, plus numerous public safety departments, public school systems, and state agencies, we’re here to help!