We understand. Managing a non-profit is a balancing act on a daily basis. Funds are often short, and painless solutions are hard to come by. Whether you’re a small non-profit maintaining your network single-handedly, a mid-sized one with an unreliable outside support group, or a CIO with a staff that’s stretched too thin, trust Total’s Communications as your advisor for Communications & IT support! We partner with leading technology vendors to deliver a comprehensive solution designed to affordably and successfully achieve your mission. What kind of solutions do we offer?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phones & Collaboration

Total Communications offers a complete suite of collaboration technologies that supports the home office, the road warrior as well as the office staff. These technologies not only simplify the way you conduct business, they can lower monthly phone costs and areespecially useful for non-profits that utilize hotdesking or telecommuting. Learn more about our VoIP & Collaboration solutions below:

  • Voice Over IP Telephone Systems
    • Cisco Solutions
    • Mitel Solutions
  • Wireless & Mobility

IT Support & Security

Technology moves fast, and it is often quite difficult to stay current, especially if you are short staffed. Total Communications is fully prepared for such a situation. Our Computer Services Group can design a plan that fits your needs. Whether you have no IT staff, or you are just need additional support – we can help! Our dedicated professionals are always available and accesible. They can tailor a support plan just for you. From virtualizing servers or setting up a firewall, CSG can help!

Carrier Services

From connecting multiple offices and transferring large data files, to strengthening your disaster recovery plan and saving on corporate cell phone bills, turn to Total Communications. We help you navigate the confusing maze of telecomm services by acting as your consultant to design a network blueprint for secure, reliable carrier services. Then we work with leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers to create a cost-effective solution based on your unique needs. From high speed internet and to cell phone plans and strategic planning, let us help! We partner with leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers listed below.