Large scale retailers must meet their growing data bandwidth demands for increasingly automated transactions to data for inventory, pricing, billing and supply chain management applications. They are also continually challenged to reduce costs in highly competitive market segments while enhancing the customer experience. Every retailer is unique. Each must address issues of cost control, multi-channel retailing, shrinkage and inventory management, the growth of self-serve kiosks, and the introduction of M-commerce in ways that fit their business models and their operations.

Perhaps no industry has undergone so many changes in recent years as retail. To continue to compete, retailers have become leaders in innovation, investing in new technologies and practices to:

  • Transform the customer journey
  • Collect and analyze customer and operational data
  • Streamline operations with consolidated systems
  • Secure customer and employee data
  • Optimize employee productivity

Realizing your goals, meeting your challenges with our solutions

Cisco Solutions

Cisco meets these needs with a powerful range of solutions designed specifically for retailers. Based on Cisco’s open networking capabilities, leading companies around the world are laying the groundwork for both present and future business strategies. Based on these capabilities, retailers can:

  • Minimize the complexity of store systems with streamlined technologies
  • Extract new levels of information to help them understand customer needs better
  • Become & stay compliant with today’s demanding security standards
  • Offer in-store Wi-Fi and mobility solutions to improve customer service
  • Reduce operational costs and drive profitability

Retailers can accomplish these goals by using some of these solutions:

  • Cisco Store in a Box: Consolidate and run your critical store systems more economically from a single server.
  • Analytics Solutions for Retail: Enable gathering and assessment of data to drive the customer journey and streamline operations.
  • Cisco PCI Compliance Solution: Helping you stay compliant to safeguard customer data and improve overall store security.
  • Customer Experience Transformation: Improve sales and shopper loyalty by transforming both the phone and in-store experience for your customers.
  • Lean Retail: Optimize your data center and applications over the WAN to do more with less. Reduce energy cost in your stores.
  • Employee Optimization: Enhance employee skills and boost staff productivity with education and collaboration

IT Support & Security

Technology moves fast, and it is often quite difficult to stay current, especially if you are short staffed. Total Communications is fully prepared for such a situation. Our Computer Services Group can design a plan that fits your needs. Whether you have no IT staff, or you are just need additional support – we can help! Our dedicated professionals are always available and accesible. They can tailor a support plan just for you. From virtualizing servers or setting up a firewall, CSG can help!

  • Kaspersky Antivirus & Security: Cybersecurity solutions for retail
  • Total360 Backup & Recovery: The Ultimate in Business Continuity
  • Microsoft Office 365: Efficient Cloud Based Productivity Suite