Transportation organizations are faced with increasingly difficult challenges. Connnecitivty is a must – from mobile computing solutions to realtime planning and tracking, there is a lot to manage. Data storage is off the charts – from maintenance records to video surveillance, everything must be recorded. But how can you succeed in an era of:

  • shrinking staffs and reduced funding
  • the need to comply with state and federal regulations
  • survivability and redundancy of critical systems

We Can Help!

Cisco Solutions

Cisco meets these needs with a powerful range of solutions designed specifically for you. Based on Cisco’s open networking capabilities, leading companies around the world are laying the groundwork for both present and future business strategies. Based on these capabilities, you can:

  • Minimize the complexity of IT systems with streamlined technologies
  • Become & stay compliant with today’s demanding security & safety standards
  • Offer mobility solutions to improve employee and customer experience
  • Reduce operational costs and drive profitability

IT Support & Security

Technology moves fast, and it is often quite difficult to stay current, especially if you are short staffed. Total Communications is fully prepared for such a situation. Our Computer Services Group can design a plan that fits your needs. Whether you have no IT staff, or you are just need additional support – we can help! Our dedicated professionals are always available and accesible. They can tailor a support plan just for you. From virtualizing servers or setting up a firewall, CSG can help!

  • Kaspersky Antivirus & Security
  • Total360 Backup & Recovery: The Ultimate in Business Continuity
  • Microsoft Office 365: Efficient Cloud Based Productivity Suite