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Total Communications: trusted advisor to enterprise IT departments

Today, the CIO and IT Departments of companies with over 2,500 employees have become increasingly important to their company’s success. Confronted with the emergence of cloud computing, mobility, and big data, IT organizations are in a constant state of transformation. They strive to move ahead with strategic initiatives while keeping legacy systems running. They continually work at building a staff with the necessary skills, especially in newer areas like business intelligence and analytics, application development, and risk management. And above all, they dedicate time and resources to security as they face down the ongoing threat of costly, high-profile data breaches.

Working with leading public and private sector accounts for over 35 years has given us a unique perspective on the challenges of enterprise-level IT Departments. We understand how to collaborate with your staff on key projects or on an ongoing basis, maintaining certain systems or technologies. We strive to bring specific expertise to the table, help solve problems, and build a relationship as a trusted advisor. We also know the importance of complying with an enterprise’s documentation and billing procedures and are adept at fulfilling these requirements.

Total Communications offers enterprise level technology delivered by an expert staff committed to your success:

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