Flash Storage by Pure Storage

Who knew that all-flash storage could help reduce the cost of IT? FlashArray//m makes server and workload investments more productive, while lowering storage spend by up to 50%. Dramatically reduce the complexity of storage to make IT more agile and efficient.

Transform Your Business.

Accelerate applications, increase revenue, drive higher productivity and systems, create a sustainable advantage. FlashArray//m’s performance can unleash the power of real-time analytics, drive customer loyalty, and create new, differentiated customer experiences

Mini Size

Reduce Power, Space & Complexity by 90%

  • 3U base chassis with 15-120+ TBs usable
  • ~1kW of power
  • 6 Cables

Mighty Performance

Transform you datacenter, cloud, or entire business.

  • Up to 300,000 32K IOPS
  • Up to 9 GB/s bandwidth
  • <1ms average latency

Modular Scale

Scale FlashArray//m inside & outside of the chassis for generations.

  • Expandable to ~½ PB usable via expansion shelves
  • Upgrade controllers and drives to expand performance and/or capacity

Meaningful Simplicity

Appliance-like deployment with worry-free operations.

  • Plug-and-go deployment that takes minutes, not days
  • Non-disruptive upgrades and hot-swap everything
  • Less parts = more reliability

Evergreen Storage – A Better Model for Enterprise Storage

The move to FlashArray//m can be your last data migration! Deploy storage once – then expand capacity and performance incrementally in conjunction with your business and without downtime or performance impact. Evergreen Storage is enabled by a combination of the FlashArray’s stateless, modular architecture and the ForeverFlash business model, enabling you to extend the lifecycle of storage from 3-5 years to a decade or more.