Server Co-Location

A cost-effective alternative to building a data center

Do you need a secure location to store your backup servers? Or do you want to host websites, ftp sites, e-mail messaging or other services? You may also need the high speed connectivity you can get from a Frame or ATM connection. Yet building or leasing a data center is an expensive proposition. Total’s Server Co-Location can be an ideal solution.

With Total’s Co-Location, your server is housed in our secure, environmentally controlled data center. Our data center is centrally located in Hartford, Connecticut, just minutes off I-84 and I-91. Situated close to the Internet backbone, you can take advantage of our reliable connection and high bandwidth availability. We are connected to the Internet backbone with redundant high speed DS3 and OC3 interconnects.

Our center is staffed by experienced Internet security engineers who will install and set up your servers. We can offer you 24×7 remote monitoring with event notification, IP Addresses and optional e-mail packages. Additionally, we offer an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), secure cabinets and 24×7 access.

Contact Total today to arrange a tour and find out how you can take advantage of this cost-effective solution!