About Us

Technology focused. Client driven.


Empower organizations to reinvent and optimize their use of technology, to maximize investments and achieve their goals.

For more than 40 years, Total Communications has been helping organizations plan, develop, implement, protect, and support their business operations with innovative technology solutions. Combining an unrivaled commitment to our clients with strong industry-leading partnerships, we provide the ease and confidence of single-point accountability that comes with your customized solution. 

What makes Total Communications unique is that from the outset, we work in partnership with your organization to identify and address your business challenges, as well as meet immediate and long-term goals.

Rely on Total to get the most from your network.

Commitment to Service

Today, thousands of organizations across the United States rely on Total Communications to maintain their critical IT and Telecommunications systems. And it’s no wonder that they do. We have the facilities and people necessary to keep your critical applications and technology working.

Experts in IT Implementation

As an elite team of experts who will help develop an IT strategy for years to come, we offer customers comprehensive solutions that include everything from circuits and internet access, to telephone hardware, structured cabling and IT support. With Total Communications, you can work through any issues with a dedicated trusted advisor who has a global understanding of your IT infrastructure and know how it all works together. Total Communications is small enough to value each customer, but large enough to support the most complex enterprise scale installations.