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Consulting & Design

Make technology work for you.

Whether you’re a small business owner maintaining your data network single-handedly, a mid-size company with an occasionally unreliable outside support group, or a CIO with a staff that’s stretched too thin, it can be daunting to manage your day-to-day operation as well as initiate special projects or chart future directions. Total Communications can partner with your IT and executive staff as a consultant. We can identify pain points, assess vulnerabilities, and help you formulate a short term action plan and long-term strategic direction. With a global view of technology infrastructures – from complex communications systems and contact centers, data centers, LAN/WAN networks, structured cabling, circuits, and beyond.

Areas of Expertise.

Some organizations focus on specific technologies. Our expertise encompasses  your entire IT Environment. From the lines at the road through the cabling in your building and into the hardware they plug into, we know that. Our extensive knowledge is what spearates us from many consultants. But what areas do we work in? The list below is a good starting point.  

Collaboration Systems

From phone systems to video conferencing and contact centers we handle it all. 

Carrier / Network Service

We have experts who can help you navigate your carrier services.

Enterprise Networks

Whether it be wired, wireless, or cloud managed, we’re experts in all of your switching and routing needs.


From phone systems to video conferencing and contact centers we handle it all. 

Business Continuity

Keeping a business in operation during an outage – whether physical or digital, we can design a Business Continuity Solution to meet your needs.

Data Center

From compute and storage to core networking and hyperconverged infrastructure, we can help you wade through it all.

The Process.

Your IT Environment is complicated. Whether your organization has full time, part time, or no one specialized in IT, its vital that your organization aligns their technology to their buiness needs and desires. That’s what makes our process different. We don’t sell products, we design business solutions to achieve your goals. 


Business Overview

Our team will schedule a meeting with you and your organizations stakeholders. We’ll discuss your organization, heartburns, and future goals / campaigns.



In the Discovery phase, our solutions experts will work your IT team to take a holistic view of your entire technology environment.



After your Discovery is complete, our solutions engineers will design an IT Roadmap around your organizations goals and current environment. We’ll make recommendations about the immediate needs, intermediate needs, and the long term needs of the organization.