Technology focused. Client driven.

From the Core to the Edge.

With multiple teams, devices and locations, connecting to the internet is going to be different for everyone. This is why our wired and wireless network solutions focus on providing a reliable network, the right features and the support you require to keep business moving forward. No matter the distance. No matter your setup. No matter what.

Enterprise netWORKS for you. 

From wired (LAN / WAN) to wireless networks (WLAN / WiFi), from on-premise to cloud managed, Total Communications can assess your needs and design and install the optimal network infrastructure for your unique requirements. We can even remotely monitor your network and alert you to issues through our Network Monitoring and Management program.

Wired Networks

From your core to your edge, we can design, provision and install industry leading LAN infrastructure to keep your organization’s traffic moving. Whether you’re just looking to do a refresh of your access layer or needing to reimagine your network design from the core out, our experts are here to help. 

Wireless Networks (WiFi)

WiFi is no longer a nice perk – it’s a minimum requirement. With bring-your-own-device policies, guest access, and IoT devices, wireless needs have changed drastically. Whether you are looking for a turn-key managed system, considering moving to cloud managed wireless, or simply just need faster speeds and better coverage, we can help.


Technology is improving by the day and costs continue to rise. Our leading SD-WAN solutions can help alleviate that pain by efficiently managing traffic between your site(s) across multiple external connections, which creates a cost effective, better performing network with higher uptime. If you are not using SD-WAN today, contact us for a demo – your CEO will be happy you did.

Enterprise Networking

More than ever, businesses are leaning on their network infrastructure to conduct day-to-day business operations. Traffic is at an all-time high, but is your network able to handle the load? Total Communications has a team of experts ready to assess your current network and help you plan out your roadmap. 

WiFi that works.

WiFi is no longer a luxury. With mobile workforces, IoT devices, and an increased dependence on technology in education, reliable WiFi is now a necessity. Our solutions offer industry leading analytics, features, and flexibilty. And if you are in the hospitality space, we can even show you how to gain revenue out of your WiFi.

Our Partners

The right Networking Partner makes all the difference. That is why we team only with the best names in the industry.