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Combating Ransomware: A Collaborative Discussion with Industry Leaders

Total Communications recently co-hosted a panel discussion on the critical issue of ransomware, alongside esteemed industry leaders Arctic Wolf and Pure Storage. This insightful event brought together representatives from a diverse range of public and private sector organizations, fostering a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere.

The focus of the discussion was clear: ransomware remains a significant and growing threat. In today's digital landscape, advanced, persistent attacks are becoming increasingly common. This poses a serious challenge for IT teams who need effective strategies to combat these threats and mitigate the financial repercussions they can bring.

Panelists EJ Gregory (Total), Chris Harrop (Pure Storage), Todd Maillet (Arctic Wolf), and moderator Ryan Santoro (Total) shared valuable insights on two key areas:

  1. Engaging Decision-Makers in Cybersecurity Investments:  Security is an investment, not just an expense. The panel offered valuable guidance on how to effectively communicate the importance of cybersecurity to decision-makers and secure the resources needed to implement robust defenses.
  2. Selecting Effective Security Solutions:  Navigating the ever-evolving security landscape can be daunting. The discussion provided attendees with practical tips on identifying and selecting the right security solutions to fortify their organization's defenses against ransomware attacks.

Highlights from the Panel

  • The panel began with provoking questions asking, “Who are you calling in the time of a security breach? What are the preventative measures you can take to have you and your team ready for attacks that are plaguing companies like your own?”
  • It's important to consider the entire environment when approaching security, including the network, cloud services, and other aspects. Simply protecting endpoints is not enough. With the vast amount of data we process it's crucial to have a comprehensive security strategy in place
  • From network infrastructure to SaaS applications, each part plays a critical role in your company’s overall security posture. By identifying these different elements, you can create a more robust security framework that addresses potential vulnerabilities across the board
  • Quick action is necessary, involving insurance companies and experts to help restore the environment. Have backups and a solid recovery plan in place is crucial to minimize downtime and data loss
  • People are often the weakest link in the security chain, whether through social engineering attacks or simple mistakes. Educating employees about best practices and potential threats is crucial in strengthening the overall security of an organization
  • Collaboration and information sharing are essential in the fight against cyber threats. By working together with industry peers, sharing threat intelligence, and participating in information-sharing initiatives, organizations can collectively strengthen their defenses.

The evening wasn't just about lectures, however. Held at Brewport Brewing Co. in Bridgeport, CT, the event fostered a relaxed and engaging atmosphere where attendees had the opportunity to network with their peers and exchange ideas.

Looking to Learn More About Ransomware Defense?

At Total Communication, we understand the critical nature of ransomware preparedness. If you weren't able to attend the event, we'd be happy to share the insights and best practices discussed.

Together with our partners, Arctic Wolf and Pure Storage, we can help your organization:

  • Address customer concerns and develop a comprehensive ransomware strategy.
  • Take control and mitigate risk by implementing effective detection methods.
  • Reduce the potential for secondary costs associated with a ransomware attack.
  • Develop a robust recovery plan to minimize downtime and ensure a swift return to normal operations.

About Our Partners

Arctic Wolf offers Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, utilizing a cloud-native Security Operations platform. This platform ingests data from endpoints, networks, and cloud environments, enriching it with threat intelligence.  Through a combination of machine learning, custom rules, and human expertise (their Concierge Security® Team), they continuously monitor for and respond to advanced threats like malware and ransomware attacks.

Pure Storage focuses on data security within the realm of data storage solutions. Their Purity Operating System leverages features like data-at-rest encryption, snapshotting with tamper-proof capabilities (SafeMode), and immutable storage to ensure data confidentiality and integrity.  Furthermore, by integrating with Kubernetes platforms through Portworx, they extend these security measures to containerized applications and modern databases. This multi-layered approach safeguards data across on-premises and cloud environments.

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